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About Sports Tradex

Sports Tradex was first established in 2012 the enterprise is owned by Norman Harold Morris, a leading business figure who has been in the sports and technology industry for more than 50 years. The sporting algorithm has evolved from a system originally created by a pioneering mathematician who formerly owned Algorbet.


Our Digital Algorithmic Trading System uses historical data, live odds and much more to predict the outcome of sporting events.

Unrivalled Success

Our software has dominated the market and is now used to track statistics for professional sports teams all over the globe.


With Sports Tradex our accuracy is what sets us apart. There is no stone left unturned or no statistic considered unimportant. Our software is unlike any other in the sports market

Dedicated Account Manager

At Sports Tradex we value the personal touch which most companies seem to neglect in todays digital world. Although we like our numbers, we treat people as individuals and not stats.

What we do

When science met sports.... Our system was born


Our programmers monitor our DATS algorithm to ensure that the system is constantly receiving minute by minute statistics and mispriced odds. Because we operate in a highly competitive market our margins are tight and as a result we are constantly researching innovative techniques and new ways to mine data.

Market Analysts

Our analytical team provide comprehensive analysis of sports across the globe. We then use this detailed data to feed our highly advanced Digital Algorithmic Trading System


Our researchers work hand in hand alongside our talented Market Analysts in order to ensure that we have thorough communication across all departments.

Account Managers

Our account managers role is to inform, protect and educate their clients regarding mispriced opportunities found through our system

Why Sports Tradex?

The Sports Tradex algorithm is designed to give you a real edge when it comes to sports trading, keeping you ahead of the game. Various factors are taken into consideration when the outcome of sporting events is predicted, including live odds and historical data. The software is one of the most innovative systems of its type on the market and now tracks data and statistics for sports events taking place across the world, gathering detailed data about players and teams and other sports figures.

The system is envied for its accuracy. No information is deemed unimportant enough to be overlooked. We are also known for our exceptional customer care standards and are proud to offer the magical personal touch that our clients require, always exceeding expectations.

The DATS system is constantly monitored by our programmers, ensuring it is always sourcing the latest stats as they are being generated out on the sports fields. As our market is extremely competitive, we are challenged with tight margins, which is one reason why we consistently look for new methods for mining data and making our systems even more innovative.

With our market coverage increasing year on year, and the number of sports experiencing exponential growth in usage & demand. Our success is built not only on our unparalleled technology, but also key relationships & trust.

Our programmers, analysts and traders expertise is unrivalled & combined with an outstanding IT platform make Sports Tradex are hard to beat. We’re passionate about success giving back and customer care our team are industry experts and peoples people, we believe consistency is key to keeping us ahead of the game.

The Facts

Trillion Wagered Globally Per Annum

Of The 20 Premier League football teams are sponsored by betting companies

Billion gambled on global football markets every year

The inception of football betting stats

Our Skills

Stats and Figures

Success Rate Of Algorithm 82.2%
Penalties given to home team (Premier League) 62.77%
11 Corners Per Game (Premier League) 70%
NBA Trades Accurately Predicted in 2016 79%
Privately Owned 100%
Clients Who Would Recommend Us 91.45%

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